RapidX is the cloud-based School management software system which automates the entire campus operations, reduce operating cost and engage or save more time by bringing management, professor, staff, parent and students under one roof.

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    The school management software is a facility for the staff and students of a school to manage the school’s data and information. It is a centralized system where all the school’s data is stored and can be accessed by the school’s staff and students.

    Our school management software is designed to help schools improve communication, increase efficiency, and better manage student data. By automating processes and providing a central repository for information, our software helps schools save time and money while improving the quality of education they provide.

    The school management software can be used to manage the school’s  student records, staff records, and finances.



    Student Registration Record


    Student Fees Record Maintain


    Student Reminder List / SMS


    Student PDF Result Create


    Income Expenditure Statements


    Download student Payments Bill


    Student ID Card Auto Generation


    Staff Registration Record


    Student / Staff SMS Alert


    School In / Out Stock Maintain


    Cash Transaction Maintain


    Maintain Debtor / Creditor Ledger


    Server Base Cloud Application


    Staff Salary Record Store


    Student / Teacher Individual Portal



    For Small School


    For Medium School


    For Multi Branch School

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