FLEX services

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Customised Banners

Promote your brand with durable, lightweight banners
• Banners available in 9 size options
• Durable material (Vinyl Flex)
• Pre-designed Banner templates available for occasions like Birthday, Promotional Events etc.
• Indoor & outdoor options
• Vertical or horizontal designed banner layouts available
• Sharp, full-colour printing
• Hang your banners easily with optional metal eyelets                       (strongly recommended – they make it a lot easier! )

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Banner material Is called Vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made material. It is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in regular salt). When processed, both the substances are combined to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, or as is commonly referred to as vinyl

You can start customizing the banner by choosing the pre-designed templates. Add details like your company name, logo or message you want to display. You can also upload your complete design but make sure the resolution is high. Ensure the font size is big enough to be visible, and the colours are in contrast.

A: We offer flex banners that are durable and can withstand variable weather conditions. It is fade-resistant, tear-resistant and wind-resistant.

A: We don’t presently offer custom banner sizes – but with such a wide range of sizes available, you’re likely to find an existing option that works for you.

A: Yes – we offer full-bleed and full-colour printing on vinyl banners.

A: No. You will have an option to choose eyelets.

A: Metal eyelets are placed along the top and bottom banners, about two feet apart. (Please note that you cannot request changes to the number or placement of eyelets.)