Prescription Record Management System

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The Prescription Record Management System is a robust solution designed to streamline the prescription process and enhance patient care. With an intuitive patient information management system, it automates the inclusion of patient details on every prescription, eliminating manual errors. The system supports efficient communication by allowing healthcare professionals to send prescriptions directly to patients via WhatsApp. Patient records are securely stored in a centralized web portal, ensuring easy retrieval and continuity of care. An automated backup mechanism safeguards data integrity, storing records on a dedicated server for reliable recovery. This system promotes efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced communication in the management of prescription records.



The Prescription Record Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently manage patient information, prescription issuance, and communication through WhatsApp. The system ensures accuracy, convenience, and data security in the prescription record-keeping process.

Key Features:

  1. Patient Information Management:
    • The system allows for the efficient storage and management of patient information, including details such as name, age, contact information, and medical history.
    • An intuitive patient name entry system facilitates easy and accurate data input.
  2. Automated Prescription Printing:
    • Patient information stored in the system is automatically printed on every prescription issued. This feature ensures consistency, eliminates manual data entry errors, and saves time for healthcare professionals.
  3. WhatsApp Prescription Sending System:
    • The system incorporates a secure and automated WhatsApp prescription sending system.
    • After generating a prescription, healthcare professionals can choose to send it directly to the patient through WhatsApp, enhancing accessibility and communication.
  4. Prescription Storage:
    • Prescriptions are securely stored within the web portal, ensuring a centralized and organized repository of patient medical records.
    • Each prescription is associated with the respective patient’s profile for easy retrieval.
  5. Backup and Recovery:
    • The system includes an automatic backup mechanism that regularly backs up all prescription records.
    • Backup data is stored on a dedicated backup server, ensuring data integrity and providing a reliable recovery option in case of unforeseen events.


  1. Patient Registration:
    • Healthcare professionals use the system to register patients by entering their details, creating a comprehensive patient profile.
  2. Prescription Generation:
    • When issuing a prescription, healthcare professionals select the patient from the system, and relevant information is automatically populated onto the prescription form.
  3. WhatsApp Prescription Sending:
    • After generating a prescription, healthcare professionals have the option to send it directly to the patient via WhatsApp, promoting timely and convenient access.
  4. Prescription Storage and Retrieval:
    • The system stores each prescription securely within the web portal, linked to the respective patient’s profile.
    • Healthcare professionals can easily retrieve and review past prescriptions for continuity of care.
  5. Backup and Recovery:
    • Regular automated backups are performed to ensure the safety and integrity of prescription records.
    • In the event of data loss, the system allows for quick recovery from the backup server.


  • Efficiency: Streamlines the prescription issuance process, minimizing manual efforts.
  • Communication: Enhances patient-provider communication through WhatsApp prescription delivery.
  • Organization: Centralized storage and easy retrieval of prescription records.
  • Data Security: Automatic backups on a dedicated server ensure data safety and integrity.

The Prescription Record Management System is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, offering a seamless and secure solution for prescription issuance, patient record management, and communication.


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